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My name is
Rachel Carter Castle

I love the Kids Sports Industry and I love Customer Service, Management, & Business. I put them all together and Kids Gym Consulting was born!

Read about my background below....

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About Me

An Expert & Friendly Kids Gym Office Advisor

After years as the office manager for the largest kids multi sports facilities in the U.S., I realized there was a true need for dedicated office and admin help for kids gym owners! I then completed my MBA and studied marketing & management to grow my already developed customer service skill set so that I could bring my unique combination of industry specific experience to kids gym owners around the world! 

I am not a coach. I am an office, admin and customer service specialist who has a decade of kids gym specific experience that I can bring to your gym, facility & program.


I have worked with Dance Schools, Gymnastics Facilities, Swim Schools, Cheer Gyms, Ninja Programs, Mobile Programs, Summer Camps and MORE! I work with gyms from coast to coast in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia & hopefully beyond!

And I can't wait to meet you. 


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